What Environmental Professionals should know about the Historical Resources Act
Mr. Kurtis Blakie-Birkigt manages Tree Time Services' Archaeology division. He is a professional archaeologist with 14 years experience in the Cultural Resource Management sector, specializing in boreal forest archaeology, archaeological survey methodology, and predictive modeling. Kurtis is also chair of the Cultural Resource Management Committee of the Canadian Archaeological Association, President of the Edmonton Center of the Archaeological Society of Alberta, and a Director of the Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society.

Risk-Based Guidelines for Contaminated Sites in Alberta
Ms. Louise Burden
has a Bachelors degree in Geology from the Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, London, UK, a Masters Degree in Hydrogeology from the University of Birmingham, UK and over fifteen years' experience in environmental consultancy in the UK, Ireland and Canada. Her specialty is in risk-based assessment of land contamination. She is currently a Principal Consultant and Managing Technical Director for the Phase 2 Service line within the Liability Management and Remediation Group at Advisian, Calgary.

An Introduction to Using Groundwater Models in Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation Design
Mr. Trevor Butterfield is a hydrogeologist with 15 years of experience in environmental consulting at Advisian WorleyParsons. He obtained a B.Sc. with specialization in Environmental Physical Sciences and a M.Sc. in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with a specialization in hydrogeology, both at the University of Alberta. Trevor has experience in groundwater quality assessments, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling, aquifer testing, and project management. He has completed hydrogeologic site assessments at several upstream petroleum, oil sands, and agricultural facilities in Alberta. He has developed three-dimensional groundwater flow and solute transport models at local to regional scales for groundwater contamination, environmental impact assessment, and mine pit dewatering problems.

An Introduction to Environmental and Regulatory Law
Mr. Stuart Chambers is a partner with McLennan Ross practicing in the areas of energy, environmental & regulatory and commercial litigation, with a particular focus on environmental and occupational health and safety regulatory law, and class actions. Stuart has extensive experience advising oilsands and other industrial operators in relation to environmental and health and safety law issues, in particular in preparation for and responding to regulatory investigations and prosecutions. Stuart has a wide range of experience in commercial litigation matters, including complex class actions involving a wide range of issues. While Stuart has extensive experience in dealing with complex multiparty litigation, he is equally comfortable in finding efficient solutions for smaller disputes. Stuart is also experienced in utilizing alternative dispute resolution methods including mediation and arbitration to resolve issues. In addition, Stuart has significant experience acting as both plaintiff and defendant counsel in class actions in Alberta and in British Columbia. Stuart advises various organizations on contract interpretation, drafting and policy issues and advises government and administrative tribunals on policy and adjudicative matters.

Contaminant Hydrogeology
Mr. Hafeez Chishti is a Professional Geologist/Geoscientist of Alberta, who specializes in hydrogeology and environmental geochemistry, and has worked as a senior environmental consultant in Alberta since 2001. With extensive experience of 25+ years in environmental consulting and university teaching, Hafeez is currently associated with different environmental groups of Canada as a freelance consultant and technical advisor. Hafeez has proven competence in all aspects of environmental site assessment e.g. risk assessment, risk management, site remediation/reclamation, hydrogeological assessment, and environmental liability assessment. He has directly dealt with a large number and wide spectrum of upstream and downstream contaminated site projects and report reviews for top ranking energy companies, financial institutions, and real estate agencies. Hafeez is skilled in applying general scientific principles to resolve site specific environmental problems and has been actively involved in research based scientific support for a number of diversified environmental projects related to contamination of air, soil and water. Hafeez has authored and co-authored several research papers published in international journals such as Elsevier, and a book titled Environmental Investigation Methodology for Contaminated Sites, published by Trafford Publishing (USA, Canada, UK). He is a visiting/guest lecturer at University of Calgary (Alberta).

Fixing Bad Ground In-Situ
Mr. Pete Craig
, a Stanford-educated ex-consultant with over 15 years' experience in site remediation, conducts technical training across Canada, including innovative multi-media web-based training seminars. He has previously presented at Remtech, BEST and the FCS National Workshop to very positive responses.

Soil Chemistry for Remediation of Salt-Affected Soils
Ms. Alanna Dickson
has over 15 years of experience conducting and directing Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessments; soil monitoring and soil management programs for the oil and gas and coal mining industry; spill response activities; and remediation of petroleum hydrocarbon-, metal-, and salt-impacted soils. Alanna currently works as a senior soil scientist with Matrix Solut9ions Inc in Grande Prairie, Alberta and holds a Professional Agrologist designations in both Alberta and British Columbia. Her responsibilities include staff supervision, project coordination, client liaison, report review and design and management of remediation program.

PFASs: Beyond the Fundamentals
Ms. Indra Kalinovich is a hydrogeochemist and environmental engineer (EIT, ON) specializing in environmental site assessments, site remediation and environmental fate and transport modeling. In addition to her role at Dillon Consulting, she is an adjunct professor with the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Manitoba. She has specialized training in hydrogeology, guest-lectures in contaminant hydrology and remains active in environmental engineering research, authoring and reviewing articles for academic journals on contaminant hydrology, remediation, and water resource management.

Upping Your Game in Contaminated Sites Work
Mr. Ken Lyon has over 30 years' consulting experience with contaminated sites that includes several hundred Phase One, Phase Two and remediation projects conducted for the upstream and downstream oil and gas, industrial, commercial, and municipal government sectors managing impacts from a wide range of organic and inorganic contaminants. Ken's work has also included peer reviews of high-risk remediation programs, liability cost estimating, development of professional practice guidelines, privileged and confidential work conducted for law firms, and facilitation of expert risk panel workshops.

Introduction to Soil Science
Mr. Ross McKenzie is currently the Principal of McKenzie Agriculture Consulting and has extensive experience in the area of soil science including 38 years at Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. In addition, Ross is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Lethbridge in the Geography/Environmental Science Department. Ross has a Ph.D in Soil Science from the University of Saskatchewan.

An Introduction to Environmental and Regulatory Law
Ms. Jessica Proudfoot is a commercial litigation associate specializing in environmental and regulatory matters. Jessica recognizes that each matter is unique, and strives to provide individualized service to meet each of her clients' needs. Her clients include various utility and mining companies, municipalities, contractors, aggregate suppliers, insurers, landowners, and shareholders. These clients rely on Jessica to provide practical, no-nonsense advice on how to prevent and respond to all manners of regulatory contraventions - from catastrophic spills triggering Environment Canada investigations, down to allegations of municipal bylaw contraventions and transportation-related offences. Some of Jessica's recent experience includes:

  • Providing on-site support to a major mining corporation before, during, and after an Environment Canada investigation, and assisting with the recovery of privileged business records, seized pursuant to search warrants.
  • Assembling and coordinating a multi-disciplinary team of experts capable of responding to various evidentiary issues brought forth by individuals opposed to the construction of a municipal water treatment facility.
    • Providing a comprehensive opinion regarding potential common law and statutory liability under the Fisheries Act, Environmental Protection & Enhancement Act, Species at Risk Act and various provincial regulations for the purpose of informing a utility client's maintenance and operations scheduling.
    • Assisting various aggregate suppliers respond to enforcement orders and allegations of offenses and administrative penalties under the Water Act, the Environmental Protection & Enhancement Act and the relevant Codes of Practice for pit operators and outfall structures.

Fixing Bad Ground In-Situ
Mr. Dan Ruffing
, a practicing geotechnical engineer, has extensive experience delivering interesting and insightful technical training to audiences across North America, including work with the American Society of Civil Engineers' Geo-Institute and the Deep Foundations Institute as well as short course team-taught with Bucknell University. As the Engineering Manager for Geo-Solutions, Inc., Dan has managed dozens of full scale and benchtop studies.

An Introduction to Using Groundwater Models in Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation Design
Ms. Tannis Sharp
is a hydrogeologist with 17 years' experience at Advisian WorleyParsons in groundwater resources and contaminated site assessment. She completed a B.Sc. in Geological Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan and a M.Sc. in hydrogeology at the University of Alberta. She has conducted groundwater modelling for various environmental and groundwater resources projects around Alberta and in California from local to regional scales. Her modelling project experience includes groundwater supply, groundwater contamination, environmental impact assessment, and mine pit dewatering problems.

PFASs: Beyond the Fundamentals
Mr. Andrew Thalheimer, Dillon's national Remediation and Risk Control Leader, is a senior project manager and technical specialist with over 28 years of experience in contaminated site assessment and remediation. Andrew leads Dillon's emerging contaminant program advancing the state of the practice in PFAS assessment and risk management. Andrew is currently serving as a Principal Investigator for the National Academy of Sciences on the use and potential impacts of AFFF containing PFASs at airports and has been actively raising the awareness of the state of PFASs science within the airport and regulatory communities, as well as the environmental industry.

The Transportation of Hazardous Waste in Western Canada
Mr. Don White
has 25 years experience in the waste management industry. Prior to establishing Terredon Environmental Ltd. in 2014, he worked for Clean Harbors Environmental Services. In his career, Mr. White has managed laboratory and service operations, transportation operations, a hazardous waste landfill and hazardous waste transfer facility. Mr. White has experience with waste transportation and documentation as a generator, transporter and receiver for shipments within Alberta, Canada and the United States. He served as a member of Alberta Environment's Hazardous Waste Technical Committee which undertook a review of the Hazardous Waste Regulations and the Alberta User Guide for Waste Managers. Mr. White is registered as Professional Chemist in the Province of Alberta and holds a Qualified Environmental Professional (Waste) certification from the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice in the United States. Mr. White was the co-presenter of the Association of the Chemical Profession of Alberta 2016 Workshop - "Landfills and Leachate : Chemistries and Practical Solutions"

Waste Classification and Disposal in Alberta
Ms. Renee White is currently a Sr. Regulatory Advisor at Newalta Corporation. She has over 20 years of waste and environmental management experience at Newalta Corporation, Tervita (formerly HAZCO), Clean Harbors (formerly Safety-Kleen/Laidlaw), Osprey Scientific, and EnviroTest Laboratories that included operations, customer service/sales, analysis and regulatory support. Renee has been responsible for various functions including waste inventory management, waste classification, assessing waste management options, transfer station operations, database administration, regulatory applications and compliance, technical support, and training. Ms. White has been a member of the ESAA Board of Directors for six years and currently is serving as Past-President.



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